The journey to sisterhood began in the Spring of 2001 when Amanda Pardo first heard of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated. She joined an interest group of women who believed in the advancement and empowerment of the universal woman. During this time, she worked with many girls who came and went; all contributing large parts to the formal establishment of an interest group on campus.

Judianne Medina attended her first interest meeting in September 2002 and along with Amanda they organized and d in interest group activities. In the fall of 2002, an information session was given by the National Director of Orientation and several sisters from Tennessee and Florida were present. This was the first time the Interest Groups from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University met.

Amanda Pardo was ready to accomplish her dreams of establishing the very first latina sorority in the state of Georgia . The other women, however, were not. Because Amanda Pardo had such an important role in bringing Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated to Georgia, she was allowed to participate in orientation with Emory University. In the Spring of 2003, she along with eleven other ladies founded the Gamma Nu Chapter at Emory University.

Knowing that the dream of establishing a chapter at Georgia Institute of Technology needed to be realized, Judianne decided to continue with the interest group.

In the Fall of 2004, Judianne returned to the Georgia Institute of Technology and attempted to accomplish what Amanda had started. She then met Jillian Mazzariello and Andrea Trillo at a banquet for Latino students and shared with them her interest in re-establishing an interest group of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated at the Georgia Institute of Technology. They immediately agreed to form an organization that welcomed their differences and once again an interest group started.

Soon after, Judianne Medina came across Marian Alicea at a multi-organizational banquet where Judianne invited her to join the interest group and the women went on to participate in many community service projects throughout the semester. Later that semester Michelle Marten joined the interest group and was excited at the opportunity to make a difference at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In April of 2005, thanks to the help and dedication of Merlix Reynolds of Chi Chapter and Sharon Rodriguez-Ayers of Gamma Gamma Chapter, the Distinct & Dignified, SIEMPRE unified Gamma Omega Chapter was founded at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The founding line includes Jillian Mazzariello, Andrea Trillo, Marian Alicea, Michelle Marten, and Judianne Medina. Along with the Gamma Omega chapter, The Enchanted Delta Alpha Chapter at the University of Georgia and The Unstoppable Fortress Delta Beta Chapter at Georgia State University were founded simultaneously.