The Lovely Lambda Ladies

Jillian Mazzariello

  • LKA: Small Wonder
  • Line: Founding Line, #1, Spring '05; Line Initial "D"
  • Year: Alumna
  • Major: Management
  • Hometown: NY, FL, and GA
  • Ethnicity: Puerto Rican & Italian
  • Employment: Teacher at The Swift School
  • M2M
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  • Salsa Club, Philosophical Society (SOREN)
  • Hispanic Recruitment Team (HRT)
  • Architecture
  • Webpage Design & Traveling
What do you love about being a Lambda lady:
  • I love the sisterhood!!! It's amazing the way you can feel accepted in any part of the country with sisters. You have family everywhere. It's also amazing to have this source to impact our community through community service and educational programs.

Andrea Trillo

  • LKA: Piel Canela
  • Line: Founding Line, #2, Spring '05; Line Initial "L"
  • Year: Alumna
  • Major: Pre-Medicine, Biology; Spanish Certificate
  • Hometown: Norcross, Georgia
  • Ethnicity: Colombian
  • Employment: N/A
  • Assistant Coach for Varsity Dance Team at St. Pius X Catholic H.S. 2004-2008
  • Georgia Tech Varsity Dance Team 2004-2006
  • M&M Mentoring Program 2004-2006; Minority Recruitment Team 2004-2006
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 2004-2007
  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars 2004-2009
  • Multicultural Greek Council 2006-2009
  • Presidents' Governing Council Board 2007-2009
  • Hispanic Recruitment Team 2007-2009
  • Student Advisory Board for OMED 2008-2009;
  • Latino Student Organizations' Board 2008-2009, The ANAK Society
  • Dean's List
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarship
  • DOW Chemical Management scholarship
  • March 2008 GAA1 Sister of the Month
  • 2008 Undergraduate Woman of Distinction award & scholarship Ms. Black
  • People's Choice Award and Best Interview for the Ms. Black & Gold Pageant 2008;
  • Tower Award 2008,2009
  • MGC Most Influential Leader 2009; MGC Most Greek Individual 2009
  • Member of The ANAK Society
Past Positions Held
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer, Secretary
  • Chapter Orientation Advisor
  • Fundraising Chair
  • Community Service Chair
  • Academic Chair
Why Did You Choose LTA:
  • I became interested in LTA because of how it's structured differently than the mainstream sororities. Since chapters are traditionally low-membered, I knew I would be able to grow professionally, and make a strong impact within my community. I liked that it celebrated our Latin heritage but also celebrated the many cultures of the universal woman. As I attended more meetings and socials with the other interested ladies we began to build really strong friendships to the point where we felt like we already were true sisters.

  • What do you love about being a Lambda lady:

  • I love being a Lambda lady because of the opportunities it offers to sisters. I was able to get involved in many projects and organizations I was passionate about through LTA. My many accomplishments were driven by the experiences and skills I gained as a sister. What makes it all even more exciting is becoming sisters with other women who share the same drive, persistence, and passion as you do. This sisterhood is very empowering on many different levels.

Marian Alicea

  • LKA: N/A
  • Line: Founding Line, #3 Spring '05; Line Initial "R"
  • Year: Senior
  • Major: Civil/Env Eng & Real-Estate Dev.
  • Hometown: Isla Verde, Puerto Rico
  • Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
  • Employment: N/A
  • M2M
  • Minority Recruitment Team
  • Hispanic Recruitment Team
  • MGC
What do you love about being a Lambda lady:
  • For me, to be a Lambda Lady means to both live and lead by example. Before I became a sister, I held positions in numerous organizations on campus. Though I met many people and acquired different experiences, it wasn't until the day finally came that I proudly claimed Lambda Theta Alpha as my own sorority that I found a group of ladies who shared my same vision of being involved in the betterment of the community by becoming a voice for the minority community This shared vision has allowed me to share a sisterhood with a dynamically diverse group of women. With these women, my sisters, we extend our LOVE through the distances with a strong sense of unity. This unity keeps us a door knock away or an email away to let each other know that we're coming through to visit (even in Seattle and Kansas). respect is also a mastered virtue among these Beautiful, Lovely Lambda Ladies with whom I proudly share this sisterhood. A strong sense of self and a sisterhood of determined women on my side are all I need to love the fact that I am and will always be a Lovely Lambda Lovely

Michelle Marten

  • LKA: N/A
  • Line: Founding Line, #4, Spring '05; Line Initial "O"
  • Year: Alumna
  • Major: Management & Accounting
  • Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
  • Ethnicity: Costa Rican & Venezuelan
  • Employment: Manager, Business Effectiveness
What do you love about being a Lambda lady:
  • I love how well-rounded Lambda Theta Alpha is as an organization. Lambda Theta Alpha empowers every member to succeed academically, professionally and in our community. At the same time, the bonds that are formed with sisters all across the country are strong and timeless. You truly are a Lambda Lady for life!

Judianne Medina

  • LKA: La V.I.P
  • Line: Founding Line, #5, Spring '05; Line Initial "F"
  • Year: Alumna
  • Major: Management/Marketing/Spanish
  • Hometown: Justice, Illinois
  • Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
  • Employment: N/A
What do you love about being a Lambda lady:
  • Lambda Theta Alpha has given me the opportunity to make an impact on campus and the community. I love being able to share time with my fellow sisters. The connection we have across the country is amazing! LTA has helped me grow as a person and into a leader. I would not trade this sisterhood for anything!