The Lovely Lambda Ladies

Leyla Gutierrez

  • LKA: N/A
  • Line: Line 2, Solo, Spring '07; Initial "S"
  • Year: Alumna
  • Major: Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Hometown: Miami, FL
  • Ethnicity:Nicaraguan
  • Employment: N/A
What do you love about being a Lambda lady:
  • Lambda Theta Alpha has given me the ability to serve the community by helping with events like El Dia de la Mujer Latina. It has allowed me to travel across the country and meet many sisters whose hospitality has been incredible. Lambda Theta Alpha has made me become more involved on campus. I have met so many people from other Greek organizations, clubs as well as individuals from administrative offices on campus. Meeting them has allowed me to build networks with them that will be beneficial in the future. I just became a sister this past spring [2007], so this is only the beginning.