Lambda Theta Alpha holds many traditions such as hand signs that members share as well as a "call". Although these ladies do not step, they salute and stroll.

Salute: A salute is a unique tradition shared by only a few organizations. A salute is an organized, militant story-telling of a particular member, chapter, or can praise the national organization. A salute can honor the past and current accomplishments of a member and share the history of how Lambda Theta Alpha came to be. Using creativity, members have no boundaries and salutes may vary in length. A salute may include song lyrics and incorporates synchronized movements that show discipline. Salutes symbolize unity and respect for the members and Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

Salute Video

Strolling/Party-Walking: Strolling or sometimes called party-walking is a shared tradition with many Greek organizations tracing back to the early 1900s. A stroll is a synchronized dance line to music that moves in a forward direction. Strolling is a fun tradition for members to perform and demonstrates pride for Lambda Theta Alpha.

Stroll Video 1 Stroll Video 2

Coming-out shows: A coming-out show is a tradition that we share with historic African American fraternities and sororities as well as multicultural Greeks. A coming-out show is a presentation that we give to our friends, family, faculty, students, and fellow Greeks as an official introduction of our new members to the Georgia Tech community. These shows display our other traditions (saluting, marching, strolling, etc.) and share our history.

These traditions are the members' way of showing pride to Lambda Theta Alpha and are performed to teach others of their history, struggles, accomplishments, and aspirations. Members have the utmost respect for LTA and these traditions allow sisters the opportunity to showcase their organization.

Coming Out Show Video

Basic Facts

Founded: 1975 Kean University, Union, New Jersey
Colors: Burgundy and Grey
Principles: Unity, Love, and Respect
Symbols: Palma, Concha, Perlas
Mottos: "Latin by Tradition, Not by Definition."
"Women there are Many, Ladies there are Few."
"It's not about being Latin, but being a Lady."
"Often Imitated, Never Duplicated."

Goals: Scholarly excellence, empowerment of Latinas and the universal woman, cultural and political awareness, and community activism.

  • Lambda Theta Alpha was founded as an academic sorority.

  • Lambda Theta Alpha has a "call" and hand-sign.

  • Lambda Theta Alpha is fully insured and covers all of the chapters.

  • Orientation: Lambda Theta Alpha caters to all women.